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San Diego Christians Jun. 29th, 2005 @ 01:47 pm
Hi there, I just wanted to promote a new community. If you live in San Diego and are Christian, please join: sd_christians
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Oh the maturity is so lacking... Jun. 1st, 2005 @ 02:26 am
Yeah that's right, I had absolutely nothing to do with this ridiculousness:


I've notified both genrazn69 and reclaimsera by email:

It has been brought to my attention that my Pacific Media forum access and profile has been tampered with, regardless of your personal opinion of me--what's been done is offensive and meddlesome. Please do what you can as soon as possible to correct this childishness. I'd also like to be able to access the forum again as I originally was, please email me the password and anything else I'd need to log in...
Thanks for any help you provide.

Who ever was kind enough to pull such a prank--I don't care about how brave you think you are, I'd much rather you realize how stubborn, caught up in things of the past and presumptuous your behavior is. What a lovely example you've set... :x

A screenshot of the tampered profile:
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Wow... 0_0 Nov. 22nd, 2004 @ 07:32 pm
It's so quiet in here... um, what should I say...

Oh yes... evil boys are abound... (>/ \)>/

Aug. 25th, 2004 @ 04:56 pm
Was there a website made for this aside from the forums? And um...I lost my password to the forum, so i haven't posted for a really long time.

May. 6th, 2004 @ 05:42 pm
Well looks Like I've benn added. Im glad that heres another place to watch for having to do with the club.
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» gah.
okay since nobody seems to want to memorize the link to the forums, the cubicle is a mess, and I don't want to bother reading the link off the post-it board to the right of me, someone needs to just hotlink the damn forum on here. Also sorry I yelled at you about cleaning the cubicle Di. Get back to it as soon as possible. If you dig through the trash you might find me (or lyndon). So anyways, here's the link to the forums incase anyone else is as lazy as me. http://animetogemu.proboards2.com

and the peasants rejoyced.
» (No Subject)
Speaking of kanis {as Nezumi mentioned}, they are even in Mario and Lugi:Superstar Saga.

It's funny. You can jump on them or hit them with the hammer {haven't tried to burn them or electrocute them yet though may be impossible though since it would require them to stand still and they move around too much and too quickly} and smash them into the sand and they just kind of stay there with there head and little eyestalks sticking out, until you leave the screen.
» (No Subject)
Ramses has arived!

I must be late or something,I Think everyone and their grandmothers has had a turn here :P anyhoo,im Ramses,the lovable obscure things lover in the group. I dont follow with a group since I'm seriously not a follower,im a do-er in life,witch puts me infront line of alot of stuff that alot of stuff that people would find weird or obscure.

anyhoo,as of late,i've been on a Doctor Who high and in the prosses,I brought the RPG of Doctor Who,witch is actualy pretty good from what Im reading and I want to know who wants to test it out to see what we can get out of it and posibly emrase it as our own just as D&D and Riffs has to all of you.

that is all.
» I am...

Or otherwise known as Ben Tucker. I'm one of the crazy ones in the A&G club, besides Di and a couple others. My favorite quote is Doda. Doda doda doda
I'm a kani basher, joking telling, pervert!
» (No Subject)
Hello everybody. I'm sadly known as Kani No Hime, Kani No Joh, Kani No Madoushi, Kani No Tenshi Kamesama, Crab Shack Owner, Crab Lover, Crab Demon, RNA, Mrs. _____ (insert his last name here)... *0*

Well, whatever I can find, I'll post it in here... until then, have a cookie. (>^^)>O
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